I was overjoyed when Ryan called me to tell me he was planning to ask Micaela to marry him. I had met Ryan a few months before at church, and he found out I did photography through a friend. When I arrived at the church where the proposal was to take place, the first thing I noticed was how much work Ryan had put into this. He had decorated the foyer with multiple stations that had pictures, flowers, candles, and most importantly, a love letter to Micaela. It was obvious that he loved her deeply. After following the path Ryan had set up in the foyer, you entered the sanctuary where there were candles lining the middle aisle all the way down to a table where he had set up flowers, the ring, and a Bible with her future last name on it. This was really a special session, and I’m so thankful that Ryan and Micaela let me be a part of this wonderful moment in their lives. Here are some of my favorite shots from their proposal session.

photo of candles lining the aisle of a church santuary

photo of a bench with pictures and flowers on it. R & M hangs from the front.

photo of engagement ring in between the pages of a Bible

photo of woman entering church and being greeted with a hug

photo of a man proposing in a church

photo of couple kissing after she says yes to proposal. then he cheersphoto of couple posing together in church. photo of couple showing off engagement ring

black and white photo of couple kissing during embrace in Houston, TX

photo of man lifting woman and spinning her in Houston, TX

photo of couple embracing while he kisses her cheek in Houston, TX

Congratulations guys! I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you again for letting me be a part of this special day in your lives!

0169About the Author: Jared Jarvis is a professional photographer based out of Houston, TX. He is the owner and lead photographer at Jared M. Jarvis Photography. He specializes in event, engagement, and wedding photography. To view his work, or contact him, click here.